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I'm currently a student in Thinkful's Node stream. Had a great mentor session last night and am so far happy with the way things are going. As with most things, you get out of it what you put in. The weeks in which I feel less satisfied with the course are those weeks in which I put in less work. But the team at Thinkful has been nothing less than helpful, supportive and understanding. Feel free to ask me any specific questions and I'll try to help if I can.
@alirtariq Nora from Thinkful here. Awesome to hear about your mentor session & progress. As always, let us know if there's anything else you need!
@alirtariq Where'd you start, skill-wise and where do you want to get?
@dshan I already had some coding experience, though I'm fairly new to web dev (~2 years, mostly front end). I want to become a good enough full stack dev in order to rapidly build prototypes of my ideas.
Happy to answer any questions anyone has about what we're doing at Thinkful! Or reach out to us directly: hello@thinkful.com
@darrellsilver How would you describe a typical Thinkful student? Or, maybe several most common types? Do they have jobs, college education? Learning for fun or changing careers?
@yurylifshits People come to us when they're looking to change careers or when they're looking to advance in their current one. There are other reasons, and each person has unique goals to be sure, but by and large those are the biggest groups. They also are looking for a way to learn that doesn't disrupt their entire lives – logistically or financially.
@darrellsilver I understand the case for getting a new job ) How advancing the current career looks like? Does Thinkful helps to get a raise or a new position within your current organization? How often does it happen?
I talked to one of their alums and I'm still heavily considering Thinkful in the next few months. I heard nothing but great things about them.
@will_lam Awesome. Who was the alum?
@will_lam Think I know who you're taking about: She's great – just moved to NYC and now a developer.
Hi PH, my name is Carl and I work at Thinkful. I'm a self-taught developer that also does marketing — if you have any questions about Thinkful, using marketing & engineering (or anything else really), feel free to reach out: carl@thinkful.com
Yep. I love this.
@cdavis565 thanks! We're actually building a design program now – if you'd like to get involved, i'm dan at thinkful dot com
@dnfriedman Ah, that's refreshing news. I'm absolutely interested!