THINK thenlive

Location-based social media

THINK is a social network for anyone who wants to connect to their family, friends, and community in a more meaningful way. Share your posts privately or show the public the stories and events the community and world need to see on the interactive map. THINK's closed Api means your data can't be accessed by advertisers, companies, or individuals.

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Thanks for hunting @chanmistry Have you used it? How does it compare to other ways to connect like FB, Snapchat? Would be great to have the makers telling us more of the story.
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@abadesi Yes, I've used it and I absolutely love it! It's like all of the best parts of other social media plus some other really cool features. There's a newsfeed that has a similar feel to Instagram, it's media-rich like Snapchat, you can connect with and message your friends like Facebook, and the content that is posted is like Twitter where it's real and not over-curated like some other sites. The major difference is that it's social media laid over a map. You can zoom in and around the map to see what's going in your favorite cities. Here's the origin story if you're interested: Founder Jerome Naidoo wanted to see a different interaction than the one being created by social media. The flow of information had to be fluid and transparent or issues of bullying, manipulation, and corruption would thrive. These thoughts were crystallized by his experience of being born in South Africa, escaping apartheid by immigrating to New Zealand, and then moving to Australia to study. The spectrum of living in these countries has helped shape his ideas on social interaction. When speaking about his early inspirations, Jerome often shares a story about visiting an African village desperate for resolutions. He witnessed this community form a circle around the chief’s home. This approach, while antiquated to modern eyes, was incredibly effective — the chief had to come out of his home, ask the community what they wanted, hear their concerns, and retire to deliberate. This display of solidarity and collaboration forced the chief to take action reflective of his community’s wishes. THINKthenlive was founded on these solid principles of community which became the basis of the technology’s architecture, harnessing location, artificial intelligence, and incorporating equality-coding to create, store, and deliver information in a meaningful way. Two years of program development later, Jerome relocated his family from Perth, Australia to San Francisco to complete the alpha, beta, and production versions with feedback and testing by students at the University of San Francisco and San Francisco State University. Durning this time, the team journeyed to Standing Rock Reservation to take supplies and join the fight against the pending completion of the Dakota Access Pipeline. On a bright Sunday, while circling the camp’s perimeter to stand hand-in-hand in peaceful protest with thousands of First Americans, activists, and military vets, the need for THINK was further validated. Encouraging our community to embrace socially located thinking has become our mission; we aim to share unique local thoughts, community action & events, and people’s general love of life. “We must think before we live” – Jerome Naidoo 8/8/17
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Sounds just like the next door app?
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@stacy_o_connor Next Door is a message board specifically for posting news to your neighbors and selling items like an e-Garage sale. THINK is a social media app comparable to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, meaning you can share your moments and connect with others outside of your neighborhood.
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