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So excited for this launch! Thington is a ‘concierge’ — a sort of domestic AI on your phone—that communicates with you in everyday language. It brings together all your devices in one place and helps you get the most out of them. And it does this in a few really simple and fun ways. Reminds me of but more perhaps at a more accessible price point. Congrats @tomcoates and @mattb!
@chrismessina @tomcoates @mattb Really like the look of this
Thrilled to see this launch and think it's timely. It seems inevitable that there are going to be multiple hardware companies competing to be the standard app or interface to IoT devices and services -- I know @tomcoates and @mattb will bring a real and unique focus to the user experience.
Sounds great. Can't wait to use it. Hoping they offer to get PHers in to experience it.
This is exciting! Any plans to integrate Smartthings directly (or to control Dimmers and such devices which play nice with Smartthings)?
@sarthakgrover We're currently mostly focused on the standalone wifi or BLE-based products that you can buy in Best Buy or in the Apple store, but our long-term goal is to be open so that any manufacturer can be integrated with us.
This is awesome- the ecosystem is way too fragmented right now.