Thingthing 2.0

What a keyboard should be. Connected, Unified and Private.

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Dave Haynes
Dave HaynesHunter@haynes_dave · Investing in European startups @Seedcamp
Still one of my favourite keyboards. Thingthing have just released an updated version with an improved UX and typing experience. Definitely worth checking out.
Olivier Plante
Olivier PlanteMaker@oplante · CEO - @fleksy
@haynes_dave Hi Dave, thanks for hunting Thingthing ! We've put a lot of hard work in building this version 2.0. Happy it's one of your favourite keyboards ! Since our last hunt, a lot has changed! Thingthing version 1.0 did not have a keyboard to type and people asked for it, so we built it :) - Here's an overview of what's new in this big release: 1. Fully functional keyboard with Intelligent Spelling and Suggestions: --- It's Private: It all happens inside your phone, in real-time. More you use it, better it gets --- It's Scalable: other languages will come very fast (next up will be French, Spanish...) --- It's Future proof: It's ready for a brighter future where the word "switching" will be obsolete! 2. Quick access to emojis and, shortly, they'll just be predicted for a better typing experience. 3. Swipe the spacebar for quick edits ...all of this based on feedback from our growing community. If you want to be part of it, let us know! (and also for the others!)
Dimitry Jacobs
Dimitry Jacobs@dimitryjacobs
Really like the nice update with new Emoji category on the bottom of the keyboard :)
Olivier Plante
Olivier PlanteMaker@oplante · CEO - @fleksy
@dimitryjacobs Awesome Dimitry! Next up are "Predictive emojis" so it'll seamlessly be there with a quick tap ;)
Craig Paterson
Craig Paterson@craigcpaterson
Been testing Thingthing since version 1 and it has really, really improved. Long may the improvements continue!
Olivier Plante
Olivier PlanteMaker@oplante · CEO - @fleksy
@craigcpaterson Thanks Craig - it's been great to have your feedback along the way !
xevi farrarons
xevi farraronsMaker@xfarrarons · Software Engineer, Thingthing
@craigcpaterson Thanks :) We'll keep working hard :)
Hassan Abdulhamid
Hassan Abdulhamid@uxdzen · No headline
Congrats on the launch :)
Olivier Plante
Olivier PlanteMaker@oplante · CEO - @fleksy
@uxdzen thanks Tommy! Further big announcements are coming up ! It'll simply get better and better !
Timothy Kearns
Timothy Kearns@jimmynotyres · Tim Kearns
I've been using ThingThing for awhile now and love that I can access my own content in a keyboard. It's easy, gives me a quick summary and something that I wish we could've done with ClipCard! Well done, Olivier and crew.
Olivier Plante
Olivier PlanteMaker@oplante · CEO - @fleksy
@jimmynotyres Amazing! Happy to hear that Timothy, your feedback is always welcomed!