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Hi all! Awesome to be here, ready to read / discuss your comments! A little about how it all started :) Around 8 months ago, I faced a problem while working on-the-go. I received an email on my iPhone where I had to check my availability and share a file quickly before replying. And I did like we all do, switch switch switch...betweens apps. It felt unproductive. It didn’t work. So, at first, we decided to create our own messaging app with @_btsta where people could share all their things but it didn't feel right. We kept thinking about it until Apple launched their keyboard API. Only then, it started to make sense: how about drawing an horizontal line across apps we use everyday? We then reached out to @fgojalvo and @xfarrarons, two good friends, and rolled out a first “teaser” to recruit beta testers. Since then, we’ve iterated with/for users and we will keep doing this. Now, it’s all about your feedback! We'd love to hear your guys feedback on our product!
@oplante hey are you francais?
@ourielohayon thanks for asking - well "yes" but from Montreal, Canada :)
As a beta tester, this was a brilliant app and it worked flawlessly. The calendar integration and the Instagram feed was a big hit for me.
@techtom10 Thanks Tom ! Glad to hear that :)
This is a great concept and is aimed at a real need. I've been trying out Thingthing for about a week; it was easy to set up and it's awesome to use. My only challenge is remembering to switch to it; excited for a full text keyboard to be part of the experience. Olivier and Jose — what else is on your roadmap?
@rc_says Thanks Ryan ! Awesome to hear that! We're actually focused on our own built-in keyboard and working hard making it easy and natural to use. We also want to solve daily problems like one-to-one / group meetings with the right UX/UI. We're also working on Search and of course, more "API connections"!
ThingThing is great. It gets right at the fingertips (literally!) of where people are working and needing smart content. Switching between apps is a pain all of us share. ClipCard was headed this way so I'm thrilled to see a good step in the right direction from fellow Canadians!
@jimmynotyres this is great! We were discussing this together with the team and we are really eager in learning from you guys - iterate and as you say head in the right direction !
Thanks a lot @ourielohayon for hunting Thingthing keyboard! What's your experience using it? I'm Jose, Thingthing co-founder and designer, here to answer.