Things to do when the world gets canceld

An activity book for when you're socially distancing.

We've crowdsourced a bunch of awesome ideas from creative, funny, and brilliant people to help you pass the time while you're locked down by yourself or with your partner, friends, or kids.
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We've been socially distancing for a little more than a week now due to Corona virus and are all starting to get cabin fever. Some of us have kids, some of us have roommates, and some of us are all by our lonesome; but the one thing that we all share is that we're longing for something to do. That's why we built Things To Do When The World Gets Canceled, a random idea suggester for people who are socially distancing. We've crowdsourced a bunch of great ideas from a group of fun, creative, and brilliant people. You just say what type of thing you want to do and what type of people you have in your household and hit "Go." And if you have ideas of your own to contribute, please add them here: Stay safe, and be kind.
As a parent, these times are exceptionally trying. There’s only so much Frozen 2 one can handle, so coming up with a tool to help people (including myself) find unique and fun activities during this time of isolation just made sense! We had a blast building it, and hope you have as much fun using it! Slow down, enjoy this time as much as you can. Remember... the world and economy are resilient and will bounce back, so take care of your family and yourself!