Things Millennials Say

Liven up your chats with the native dialect of todays youth

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How about other generations? "like get off my lawn"
@androidlove great idea! I'll add it to my list...
Things Boomers Say "Back in my day I could get a summer job and pay through university, young kids are too lazy these days" 😂 "I can't even" = "Well I never" for old people "Go play" = "fuck off" for adults
@mannyorduna haha brilliant! I'll make a note...
There's no search? Maybe it will still work without search if there's less than 20, but if it's going to grow, search is a must.
@bradenhamm thanks for the feedback! This is just a fun little iMessage sticker pack extension, which doesn't provide functionality like search out of the box. As a lone designer I'd need a bit of help to make a fully featured iMessage app - maybe in the future!