Your Want To-Do List

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This can my Evernote file that kept restaurants, books, movies, etc. I want to try!
Cool, I always wondered what people used this for. Is it easy to share lists with other people? I'd love to see your lists of favorite movies and books.
I used this for a while to track movies and restaurants but ultimately didn't stick with it very long. Ultimately writing things down is a chore and I feel bad when I am more acutely aware of all the things I want to do, yet am not doing
@ashbhoopathy I'm not sure. I was really excited to download, searched for it in the app store, realized it was $1.99 and stopped haha. It'd be awesome to build something that was easily shareable. Give value to people by keeping their list but ultimately it's an inspiration play for other people.
@ashbhoopathy @hsukenooi granted your comment was a while ago, but I recently created Wanna that does just this:
I think I saw this app when it first came out and it was $5! Which stopped me in my tracks. It looks pretty good, I'd definitely like to give it a shot, but $2 is such a barrier (aren't we all so spoiled?)