Most secure USB device with biometric authentication

ThinC USB devices are loaded with the most advanced security features - biometric authentication, touch sensors, portable & encrypted storage, multi-user access & remote access from a clean OS & computing machine. It caters to the security needs of sectors like BFSI, large enterprises for remote data access and storage needs.

  • Pros: 

    Onboard biometrics, Endpoint isolated computing with clean OS, remote vendor VPN access, data leakage protection,one touch FIDO access to


    Hardware device

    Weak end points like vendors, remote workers or consultants single biggest source of malware for enterprises. ThinC Compute solves The problem.

    Passwords/OTP/soft tokens are broken easily. ThinC one touch access cuts phishing risks to near zero.

    ThinC Vault storage cuts enterprise data leakage and is malware light data portability option.

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  • Amisha Sethi
    Amisha SethiVice President Marketing

    Multiple functionalities



    The most appropriate and effective solution for remote workers.

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Multiple uses cases for Enterprises and BFSI in particular
Excellent usability. I can register 2+ fingerprints on the same device and create multiple partitions for storage encryption. I can assign one fingerprint for every partition to access the data.
Simply wow ! We need this kind of great Innovative products to be done in India and I’m so Proud that this company has such a great strength to develop more and more products which can secure the data and the privacy ! All the best
Excellent Product. If one wants Data security and privacy - this is the product. I can think of the following use-cases: 1. Secure Tunneling for remote access 2. Data Center's - one device - multiple users accessing the servers onsite 3. BFSI + CA sector will benefit 4. Legal sector - huge potential 5. Sales & Marketing teams doing demo's and presentations @ Partner locations.
@krishna_tammireddy Thank you. All excellent use cases and well described by you.
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