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Tim Scullin
Tim ScullinMaker@timscullin · Director, Launch Agent
Hey, Thieve founder here. As avid AliExpress users we knew there were so many good deals on, but finding them was a painful process. By curating the best of products in one place you can skip straight to the best deals. The products on Thieve are submitted by our team of curators, 100's of designers, fashion bloggers, photographers and more. We then check each product for quality, high reviews, free shipping and supplier rating before accepting them onto the site. To see the curator style guide check it out here: We're also individually purchasing and reviewing products that get posted to the site. This is early days but soon you'll see the review icon showing up on more and more, and eventually all products. We're working hard to make Thieve the absolute best place to find awesome products on AliExpress, we'd love any feedback or thoughts on the site. Cheers, Tim
Fırat Demirel
Fırat Demirel@firatdemirel · Senior Tech Writer, Startup Advisor
Super fast, slick and smart design. Also great products. Of course there are more things to be improved but it really forces me to buy something. AliExpress sellers should pay for this service, probably they will?
Tim Scullin
Tim ScullinMaker@timscullin · Director, Launch Agent
@firatdemirel Thanks! That's a great idea. Would love to hear your thoughts on how it could be improved too :)
James Burton
James BurtonHunter@jamesburton69 · @jamesburton69
I have been ordering stuff off AliExpress for a while now, and like it more than Alibaba for it's user friendly interface. However it still seemed to lack a strong filter for displaying the kind of products I would like (often displaying womens pink rain-boots... maybe I'm into that though) but this adds a slick product discovery experience. So I am not wading through pages of rain-boots but finding cool products at great prices. Just about to order the Google cardboard viewers for the office, great price
Tim Scullin
Tim ScullinMaker@timscullin · Director, Launch Agent
@jamesburton69 Thanks for the hunt!!