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#3 Product of the DayAugust 19, 2017



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Dennis Lee@dennis_lee2 · Never Say Never
just an idea: would it be great if you could have him/herself to also speak out the answer? That would be more memorable
Toni Codina@tcodinat · Product designer & owner of Noon Studios
Awesome concept, unique and will definitely come in handy for many. It would be neat if there would be more people added in to the site, maybe through a newsletter even, and in that case maybe consider a different approach to navigation. Nonetheless, awesome work :)
Liandy HardikoesoemoMaker@liandy213
@tcodinat I'm glad you enjoyed the content! There's actually a link on the site to sign up for the mailing list :). I've also been thinking about adding a filtering feature (by author, by keyword, etc). Thanks for the feedback, Toni!
Dennis Lee@dennis_lee2 · Never Say Never
a brilliant idea. Should have let more people know what can be done earlier to avoid (not) making the mistakes
Liandy HardikoesoemoMaker@liandy213
@dennis_lee2 Dennis, I'm glad you enjoyed the project!
x2@x2_urrarrum_com · Software developer
Good idea.
Sebastian Alvarez@sap323 · 99°
Love the concept! It's amazing! Not so much the UI...
Liandy HardikoesoemoMaker@liandy213
@sap323 Hi Sebastian, it would be great if we can connect to discuss about how I can improve the UI!