TheWaveVR Beta

The interstellar music festival of the future

Hey all, thanks so much for the Product Hunt love. We started this company ( about a year ago with the goal of re-imaging live concerts and connecting people in VR. As soon as we started building the first prototypes, we realized the things users wanted to do at VR shows were the things they couldn't do at real ones. So our design thinking has very much been about how to amplify reality rather than recreate it. To take you to a totally different place. The Beta version of our social platform lets users attend VR concerts as well as throw their own parties- users can DJ and VJ in VR using 3D interfaces that let them create content that could only exist in VR. We raised a $4M seed round led by Upfront Ventures, along with KPCB Edge, RRE Ventures, The VR Fund, and more. Here's the TechCrunch article: We released our first flagship show a month ago by Strangeloop, in conjunction with Flying Lotus' label BRAINFEEDER. That show will also be playing tonight- here's the link to the preview:
Everyone at our company is a musician, and our ultimate goal is to enable anyone to go on tour in VR, and for both visual artists and musicians to make money in this godforsaken industry. If you have a Rift or Vive, definitely come check out one of our bi-weekly shows, like the one tonight. Schedule is kept here: Thanks so much!
So, this is a rare opportunity for you to jump in and experience one of the first Metal-Electronica/EDM virtual reality concerts...! This may mean that @rrhoover will no longer need to actually go to Coachella to get all the feels. He can just do it from the Angelpad in HD VR. The event is today (7/26) at 7 PM - 9 PM PST, online.