App Store Optimization made simple and beautiful.

TheTool is an ASO platform that helps analyze and optimize the main KPIs of App Store Optimization (search, top charts, ratings, conv. rate...). It also provides competitor benchmarks in order to make the right decisions for ASO strategy on App Store and Google Play in 91 countries.

Some features: ASO audit tool, keyword research, downloads per kw.

  • Pros: 

    Looks awesome and nice features. Really useful for cracking my competitors on Google Play Store.


    Can't really tell any

    I really look forward using this ASO tool more in-depth. I've been digging in and looks wonderful. Great job!

    Esteve Castells has used this product for one week.
  • Francisco Lopez
    Francisco LopezCOO, PickASO

    Awesome look & Feel and great features



    A different and very usefull ASO Tool for app marketeers

    Francisco Lopez has used this product for one year.
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Daniel Peris
Daniel PerisMaker@danielperis · CEO at PickASO & TheTool
Hey hunters! I'm very proud to present TheTool, our new ASO tool, to Product Hunt community. TheTool is an ASO (App Store Optimization) tool that allows app developers and marketers track and optimize their ASO strategy in order to get more downloads. What does it track? - keywords (keyword suggestions, difficulty and traffic estimation, historic data, competitors’ rankings) - top charts, top charts vs. installs - user ratings daily and all-time - conversion rate per day and per country - installs per country and globally (daily) - revenues from ad monetization (AdMob) Other unique features: 1 - Organic Uplift - see how many organic installs do you get per each non-organic install. TheTool tracks this metric, and also permits to see how many installs do you need to reach the top position in the top charts. 2 - ASO Score - an automated algorithm that analyzes the elements of your app product page (listing) and gives actionable tips how to improve each element (app name, screenshots, updates, etc). 3 - Competitor Analysis - compare every metric of your app (search rankings, top charts positions, ratings) with your competition. Add from 1-5 competitor per app. 4 - Advanced keyword research mini-tools - Keyword Density and Installs per Keyword (for Google Play Store) Why TheTool? - sharp and accurate data - supports > 90 countries and ALL languages - all data can be exported as CSV, all charts as images - performance-oriented: all charts are analyzing the correlation between different ASO metrics and analyzing the impact on app downloads and revenues - simple and clean interface - data integration: Google Play Console, iTunes Connect, Adjust, AppsFlyer, AdMob - team member access - work with your team - historial always available since you add app or keywords to the panel - tailored plans for small businesses, bigger brands and agencies TheTool has been developed by PickASO agency, the leader app marketing agency in Spain. PickASO has optimized more than 300 apps and works for big brands and startups. Feedback is more than welcome. Thanks in advance!
Jordi Mon Companys
Jordi Mon Companys@mordodemaru · PM | Product Hunt Madrid
@danielperis This looks awesome!
Daniel Peris
Daniel PerisMaker@danielperis · CEO at PickASO & TheTool
@mordodemaru thank you!!!
Elena Benito Ruiz
Elena Benito Ruiz@elenabrz · Full Stack CMO @ BeeBole Timesheet.
@danielperis KUDOS! I don't do ASO, but I will definitely recommend this tool whenever someone asks me, and if I ever end up doing app optimization, this will be in my stack. Great features! the organic install vs non-organic is a winner, and the installs per keyword!
Really useful
Rubén Baquero
Rubén Baquero@ruben_baq
The new feature of keyword installs is incredible!
Víctor Asins
Víctor Asins@vicasins · ASO Specialist
Best ASO Tool in the market!
Martin Mazanec
Martin Mazanec@martin_mazanec · CEO,
How does the keyword-install feature work? Is it only showing data from Google Play Console and only for those accounts with beta acces to this "ASOearthquake" feature? Or is it for Appstore too? How is it measured then?
Daniel Peris
Daniel PerisMaker@danielperis · CEO at PickASO & TheTool
@martin_mazanec Hey Martin, sorry for late reply. This feature is for ALL users with Android apps on Google Play. Not available for Apple App Store. Cheers!