TheTake for iOS

Shop for products & discover locations from movies

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TheTake founder here - happy to answer any questions! Let me know what you think about the app.
@tyhcoop how are you sourcing products and locations right now? Manually, crowdsourcing, etc.?
@rrhoover It's a combination of info provided by the studios and costume designers, crowdsourcing and research. We are really trying to fill in the holes by boosting the crowdsourcing element.
The Take is awesome. Love the idea of this new app with locations near you that were in films
@_jacksmith Thanks! The Movie Map is honestly my favorite feature and it was a total last minute add-on.
This is very cool. Would love to see an API so we could integrate those locations into other apps with maps.
@tymrtn Thanks! Do you have any specific integration in mind?
@tyhcoop It'd be awesome to see these locations pop up on my Turfly map in places I walk by often.
@tymrtn Cool, I haven't used Turfly but will check it out ASAP.
This is really a smart idea and very well executed. But this is not really a shazam for movies as the signature indicates. Shazam for movies would mean turning your phone and the phone telling you which movie you re watching. This is more an Amazon for products of movies you love
@OurielOhayon Thanks! The app does ID a movie via its audio signature a la Shazam but I definitely see what you're saying. Have you tried out the sync feature?