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Looking forward to trying this next time I'm in NYC. As a former employee of Regus, I've been a fan of WeWork, Breather and now Square Foot, as they continue making it easier for individuals/companies to find office space.
Great concept!
@omrishabi Thanks!
Possibly expanding outside of the US at some point in the future, @asusman103? i.e. UK?
@nickcoates_ We would love to - UK has some of the exact same challenges as the US. I will let you know when we make progress!
@asusman103 Thank you :) This would help me massively in the future. Awesome work by the way!
Really great team. Cool to see them doing well.
@stephenmarklevi Thanks for the kind words.
Not many posting have photos of the space itself, just a lot of shots of the building and lobby. Would be helpful to see more of those
@kristofertm We definitely understand and it is something we are working on. Landlords do not want shots of the inside displayed publicly, ​and they own the spaces and rights to the photos, so we must oblige. Here is a little longer explanation as to why - In the meantime, our brokers are the only ones in the world using a digital tourbook to share options and allow you to take pictures with our app and make sure they are available to you and your team once you beginning touring. Our brokers are also paid on salary, not commission, so no pushy upselling. The digital tourbook will allow us to get better pictures of the interior over time. Thanks!
@asusman103 @kristofertm Helpful article. You even mention floor plans in the post, but I didn't seem many of those either when scanning... I remember Floored's demo at TC Disrupt a couple years back> Any chance of offering a fake but realistic renderings of the space? I'm sure that's far more complicated than I could image. I'm just getting flashbacks of when I was looking for an apartment years and years ago via criagslist, and more than half the brokers were doing bait and switch, or showing fake photos, and it was so frustrating I now probably have an abnormally hight paranoia factor when it comes to a space and seeing $, sq ft, but no photos.