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Hunter Walk
Hunter WalkHunter@hunterwalk · Partner, Homebrew
I was a Skimm reader before I became a Skimm investor. Top news stories written as if you were discussing w a smart friend over coffee.
Allison Esposito Medina
Allison Esposito Medina@allisonveronica · Founder of Tech Ladies
Signed up! Excited to check this out.
Satya Patel
Satya Patel@satyap · Homebrew
And while it was created by women primarily for women, this is a product that is useful to everyone. Carly and Danielle are helping everyone be smarter about the world.
Danielle Weisberg
Danielle WeisbergMakerHiring@dmweisberg · Co-founder, theSkimm
Thanks so much for all of the support for @theSkimm ! We would love any feedback -- especially on how we can improve the ability to share.
Sam Cholera
Sam Cholera@sam_cholera · Founder @ iSpy Sport Search
@theskimm @dmweisberg @satyap @hunterwalk 3 years on, and the success and value contribution you've achieved has been phenomenal, kudos to all involved. Looking forward to to see your growth over the next 3 years now, keep smashing it
I skim every morning while on the exercise bike. If you're reading this, you should definitely subscribe! Here are some past skims: