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Hi everyone, theSkimm app launched in April of 2016 and revolutionized how news and information was delivered by putting content directly into people’s calendars. Today we’re releasing 2.0. theSkimm app syncs directly with your calendar and adds events that you won’t want to miss like the Oscars, when your favorite binge-worthy TV show is back, or when Beyonce tickets go on sale -- all the big stuff. And today we’re launching category specific calendars that will be give app users more events based on what’s important to them. theSkimm app now offers additional calendars in: - Entertainment: The binge-worthy watches, when concert tickets on sale, award shows, TV specials and premieres. We’re giving you what everyone is talking about, what you should know and when to tune-in. - Politics: Supreme Court hearings, domestic and international elections, big press conferences. - Sports: Designed for the casual fan. Know what’s coming up, who’s who on the court, why the game is important, and when to watch. Wimbledon, NBA Finals, and World Series games - Business & tech: The secret sauce to get ahead on everything from the jobs report, earnings, to the big IPOs Check it out. We would love to hear your thoughts.
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@dmweisberg Love this update Danielle. In particular, with all of the legal stuff going on, I love that you all have enabled Supreme Court hearings, elections, etc. on the calendar synch. I think it really brings a level of depth to @theSkimm which other content/calendar platforms lack. So much of the content we consume is purely entertainment, and while there's nothing wrong with that, I love how theSkimm is placing other real-world goings-on on the same level as entertainment events like the Oscars. As I see it, it really serves to underscore the importance of giving part of our attention to those occurrences as much as anything else we follow.
@adammarx13 @dmweisberg @theskimm thanks for the feedback Adam!
@dmweisberg love the idea behind!
Hi Danielle. How deep does it go? For example, if I'm interested in webinars or startup meetups, can I get that specific? Thanks, Omer
@omermolad Hi Omer! The content is focused on what you need to know to stay ahead of what's happening in the news within the business and tech world (think: earnings reports, IPOs, major conferences, etc.), so it's not as specific as meetups or webinars. Would love to hear your feedback!
Excellent update! Would love to discuss some potential opportunities to set up a partnership. I have some interesting ideas that I believe to be win/win. I love the content, product, and audience! Let me know if you'd be willing to hear me out 😄!
@joshua_gunning Thank you! Would love to discuss - email us at
Have not kept up w app, but calendar interface is very interesting
This is one of the most interesting news application concepts I've seen - love how instead of just creating yet another random news app to push content, they came up with a brand new way to get you relevant information - the calendar integration is one of those things that's so simple, yet original. Awesome work!