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Thank you @neerajt4 for hunting us and for your advice on our product as well :). I'm pretty new to the PH community but I know it's customary to include a little thank you to y'all for checking us out. So please use PRODHUNT16 for 1 extra month off if you like what you see. And please give us any and all feedback! We're pretty excited to launch this MVP of a smart processor (we're moving beyond a simple word processor) that focuses on your writing goals first! Our hope is to build an experience that breaks down your writing journey into achievable steps so that you're actually more likely to finish what you start writing. We're thinking of including some pretty neat features and improvements in the future (with input from writers who join us) and eventually build an AI platform for writing! Keep calm and write on.
@shivzb All the best! :)
Be sure to check out our writing blog, too, where we focus on specific areas and pain points of the writer's journey, from motivation and follow through, to goal setting, to technical aspects of story structure.
According to them, you’ll always know what you’ve accomplished, and what’s left to do—making your writing project more achievable and enjoyable.
Couple questions that have come our way today that would be good to address here: 1. Pricing - yep, pricing models are always subject to change with early stage startups. We've done a lot of comparisons with other tools, user research with writers (target and future audiences) and willingness to pay tests to get to our introductory plans right now. For our paid users right now (most of them pick the annual plan), it amounts to a couple cups of coffee/MONTH. Like I mention in a comment above, PRODHUNT16 will get you a month off any plan after your free trial (hint, it actually gets you a little more off the annual plan). In the end, we're in this game to help writers and we want to make it affordable, so tell us your feedback! 2. Offline sync. We don't have anything too fancy here for v1. If you lose internet or if you're on there but disconnected, the workspace will tell have a nice 'offline' banner while you write. If you close your browser, your SOL. However, if you're writing along and then connect back to the internet, it'll sync and save everything you've written in a matter of seconds. Hope that helps and keep the questions and feedback coming!
@shivzb Really, really wonderful product. However, the pricing page is very confusing. The three-column “comparison-style” layout conditions users to compare the features/benefits of the items presented. However, they are identical (it took me about 30 seconds to figure this out). Since the primary difference is payment term, stating that in an easy-to-compare way would make this easy to process. Perhaps: Paid Annually / Paid Quarterly / Paid Monthly (Just my two cents as a designer. Really great product!)
@futhey great feedback! Absolutely, definitely could use some clarifying design in the next iteration. Thanks for the design suggestion :).
looks very cool will probably use it ti start a book that Im going to write
@workstationw thank you! Definitely engage with your 'TRM coach' as you do. We'll help you follow through with it :).