On demand multilingual live phone therapy app

"TherapyLine lets you call and connect with a licensed therapist anytime you want on demand for $1.50 per minute using our VoiP phone therapy app, think of it like a pay per minute Skpe voice call. You can search therapist profiles on our platform with the option of filtering by language, choose the therapist best suited for your needs and if their profile shows them to be available you can call them directly with a click of a button, if the therapist you choose is unavailable you can than schedule a call."
Whats up Hunters, Faisal here, TherapyLine allows you to call and connect with a live licensed therapist instantly with just a click of a button. Once you sign up you can browse therapists available in your State, filtering by language, and choose the therapist best suited for your requirements. To complete the connection you are prompted to sign into your PayPal account. The first 10 minutes are a free consultation with the therapist, than if you choose to continue it is $1.50 per minute afterwards. You can talk as little or as long as you feel you need with the therapist and will only be billed for the amount of time you spend on the phone with them. TherapyLine uses VoiP to connect clients and therapists so you can call your Therapist from anywhere and do not need to worry about traveling or parking. A 50 minute session comes out to $75.00 which is about half the cost of an average therapy session outside of TherapyLine. I also took cultural sensitivity into account after meeting and knowing so many people who talked about wanting to see a therapist of a similar culture who could understand them better. TherapyLine looks to provide Therapy to under serviced and minority communities, especially for those whos primary language is not English or who are looking for therapists that can relate to them via similar culture. We are offering 30% off of all calls for accounts that add the Letters PH to the end of their username when creating an account with TherapyLine for the next 30 days.