Mental health software to manage and grow your practice.

TheraNest includes an easy to use calendar with group appointments, multi-staff, and recurring appointments. Voice, text message, and email reminders, reduce cancellations and no shows. Create invoices, accept payments including credit cards. Insurance reauthorization reminders.

@travisdailey can you tell us a bit of background around why TheraNest was born :)
@bentossell About 3 years ago, I got to know a few counseling and behavioral health centers in the community and they all complained about how most software out there catered to private physician practices and not as many good options for mental health. There were a few good options, but a lot of expensive ones, old, not SaaS, etc. They wanted help with software tools that can help them better manage their practices. Over several months, I ended up learning a lot about behavioral health from these relationships and the huge positive effect they were having on the community. That interest led to the first version that we launched to a few non-profits about two years ago, then a few practices after that. Today, we serve thousands of mental health providers and practices and it's a lot of fun as we continue to learn from them and incorporate the information back into the software to help meet their needs.