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Erik TorenbergHunterHiring@eriktorenberg · Former Product Hunt
some feedback from a knowledgable friend in the space: "Though with a bit more playing around, hitting a bunch of issues. Services built on other services like Youtube aren't all that original, and are always problematic. Still early days. Have you seen They're good guys, seem similar to this and are funded. Neither Playlist Management nor Recommendations/Discovery have ever been done really right, and this guy seems passionate about it."
sprockettMaker@sprockett · Founder of
@eriktorenberg Very helpful feedback! Bop is indeed similar (and with funding!), but there are a some key differences in the direction I'm planning to take. That they got funding is actually a good indication of a problem big enough worth solving! The Music streaming space is ultra competitive, and consumers are really spoilt for choice. That being said, I think there are still some gaps that are waiting to be filled. Thanks again for the feedback!
sprockettMaker@sprockett · Founder of
Hi there, I'm the creator of TheParade. Ask me anything :)
Erik TorenbergHunterHiring@eriktorenberg · Former Product Hunt
@sprockett why's this different / better than all the other music discovery apps out there?
sprockettMaker@sprockett · Founder of
@eriktorenberg Thanks for the question! Some key differentiating factors: -It is a full fledged music player (similar to paid alternatives), so you get unlimited skips, playlist creation etc. -The intention is for the app to be music source agnostic. (currently Youtube powered, but the eventual idea is that your playlists are fixed, and the app will find a way to play it eg. soundcloud/youtube/whatever paid streaming service you use) -Likewise for music discovery. In addition to Last.FM data, we will be adding a wide range of pre-curated track lists (eg. hypem, playlist[dont]net]. In a nutshell, the idea is the app acts as an agnostic middleman between music source (soundcloud / YT / paid streaming) and music selection (playlists). There are a number of other things in the pipeline as well (scrobbling, proper radio etc). Thanks again, Jon