Curated list of over 700 tools for work and life

Hello dear hunters,
I made up this toolbox as a guy fancy of digital tools and productivity.
I've handpicked 700 tools, and will add more on a weekly basis to help you be more productive and collaborate with your team.
This is a version 1.0, not perfect.
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13 Reviews4.2/5
Good idea! Many tools I don't know here. I'd try to improve the list on the left with purple buttons to filter items, it's a bit hard to read. Otherwise it's neat!
@clairet Thanks Claire for your feedback ! I will definitely improve it for further releases.
Thank you for sharing (and caring) <3 I count on you to update it on a regular basis :-D
@jim_breton Thanks Jim, I will definitely improve it in further releases.
Super useful way to explore all the products
Your site is down, let me know when it up
@madhu131313 Hello the website is working currently :)
@madhu131313 It's not loading for me either.
@theomarechall1 not working for me
@madhu131313 Down for me as well. Tried several times over a 6 hour period and also checked with https://downforeveryoneorjustme....
Nice ! Very powerfull :o
@thomas_bonfils Thanks Thomas !