theO: Smart Indoor Environment Sensor is a smart device that helps you to see the air around detecting main metrics as chemicals, dust, temperature and humidity.

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I assume this will be really helpful for effective cleaning!!! I liked it at first sight.
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@gag_gevorgyan Thank you Gag. We have put a lot of effort to make it to look good but to be also very simple to use with or without the app.
Looks cool!
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@narek_vardanyan Thank you Narek! We have to spend a lot of time to make it cool looking. By the way, it can be used both on the desk and also on the wall.
@rando Are you planning to introduce an air-purifier as well? Would be nice if you can close the full cycle of fresh air at home/office.
@narek_vardanyan Yes, we will cooperate with air-purifier/humidifier producers to offer the best full solutions in the future.
I found this product since I run a co-working centre for tech startups and air quality is something I find myself thinking about a lot. Impressed by the design and overall apparent simplicity of the UI. The IFTTT add on is also a nice touch as opens up a lot of possibilities to connect other services. @rando what inspired this and can you tell us some more about the product?
@jasondainter Thank you Jason for hunting us, great to be here:) It all started in some years ago. I guess it may be interesting to hear about where the idea came from. I knew a girl who was literally obsessed with being in fresh air (believe me, winters here in Estonia can be very cold) - even in the deep winter -28C she opened and kept the window open for a long time. So there I was sitting on the couch, ready to share some warm feelings, but it was very difficult to keep it going. I started to think if there would be a device that will tell us about the air quality and when to open the window/turn on the ventilation or do something else to improve. To find a solution and execute the idea I needed the expertise in the design, technology, marketing - and that is how our team was formed. It took us 1 year to have the first prototype ready and then 2 more years to finetune it to great device and app which can give us not only information about our indoor environment but also tips and recommendations how to improve. Today the device is ready to rock! theO uses the most up-to-date technology and electronics available (It has VOC, PM, Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, Light, Sound sensor). It has a WiFi interface which enables us to continue to make the device better day by day and send all the updates over the Wifi.
What about it's battery life? How's it working??
@ani_hakobyan Thanks. Battery lasts between 2-4weeks. It all depends on the settings as measuring and logging interval.
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@rando Nice, that's pretty long for this kind of devices. Good job!
@ani_hakobyan Yes, theO uses the most up-to-date low-power technology and electronics available.
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Is the App compatible with IOS ?
@ashley_warner Thank you Ashley. App is compatible with IOS/Android/Microsoft devices.