🔗Keep chains of notes. Don't waste your time on folders and tags names creation.
Offline creation and search
💼Add photo, video, generic files and links to your notes
🖥Continue editing in browser
😀Share notes by creating public link or on your channel
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4 Reviews5.0/5
I will have to try this!!!
@new_user_6d8dd93d81 text me and I'll give you test access today
We Launched on Google Play! Welcome 🏌🚀🙌
It's surely fills a gap in the current way note taking is rolling. Reminds me of MindMap but on stereodis. I would give it a go for sure.
@limitcracker thanks. Yes, Mind Map is the same type of storage, but with another UI. MindMap is more convenient on large screens, unlike TheNote.app with its chains.
Looks like a great solution to taking notes when you hit an eurika moment and you want to take a note and don't forget the idea. Or another case when you want to save an interesting link to study later. With the information overload nowadays, this can be actually a really handy tool. Looking forward to apple version of the app
@muxacin we are going to launch ios app later
I need to be using this!
@edward1 we Launched on Google Play! Welcome 🙌