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Ankur NagpalMaker@ankurnagpal · Founder, Teachable
At Fedora ( we now power 8000+ courses and 1500+ monthly active instructors. While we never wanted to build a marketplace ourselves, we couldn't turn down the opportunity to feature the absolute best courses in our library -- both to give our best teachers more exposure and to give a quality publication like TheNextWeb amazing, exclusive content that isn't available in other marketplaces. TNW Academy is never going to be about having hundreds of courses or running flash sales -- this is an experiment to curate the best possible online educational content on the Internet. Happy to answer any questions -- and will get someone from @thenextweb in the thread as well.
Martijn ScheijbelerMaker@martijnsch · VP Marketing at RVshare.
At The Next Web, we want to help improve the personal and professional lives of our readers. That's why we've teamed up with Fedora to provide a long range of professionals, from developers to marketers with this new range of courses. We're more than open any feedback on the product or courses itself, what courses would you like to participate in or see on the platform in the future?
PaulSolt@paulsolt · iPhone App Expert
@martijnsch Awesome! I'm working on a new fast prototyping course for iPhone apps.
Martijn ScheijbelerMaker@martijnsch · VP Marketing at RVshare.
@paulsolt Sounds good, get in touch with us when you're ready!
Conrad WadowskiMaker@conradwa · Founder,
@martijnsch @paulsolt Paul, would love to see you apply here: Also, anyone else who's interested - TNW Academy is taking teacher applications with a priority for early applicants along with expertise, content, fit with TNW etc.
Ankur NagpalMaker@ankurnagpal · Founder, Teachable
P.S. You can use coupon code PRODUCTHUNT for a 20% launch discount site wide
Conrad WadowskiMaker@conradwa · Founder,
As @ankurnagpal said, building a marketplace isn't something we exactly planned to do at Fedora, given we're so focused on independent instructors aka teacher entrepreneurs. What's great, is this was a full team effort to get up - and involved bringing in courses from dozens of outside instructors, who we consider to consistently create personal and professional outcomes for their students - it's all great content. Super open to feedback which is why we're going to ProductHunt first. To start off, the TNW Academy is offering 3 free short-courses courses in negotiation, coding and SEO, which you can sign up on when you hit the page. Courses exist on the site for a limited time, and other outside courses are planned to be added each week.
Mark Hasebroock@dundeevc · founder
amazing and thorough course selection...taught by real world folks. Not biz dev folks looking for the next gig. Signing up!