ThemeBro 2.0

Better Wordpress theme search

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Great! I spend hours sometimes looking for themes, fingers crossed this saves me some of the long hours :-)
@paulparsons1981 I too hope it saves you time :)
Last year, I launched a MVP version of ThemeBro, the better theme search tool. It turned out that searching for the right WordPress theme is a painpoint not really solved by any of the current major theme providers (ThemeForest, CreativeMarket, StudioPress, ...). I figured that an app would make enough revenue through affiliate links to keep it free for end users and so I tried building a MVP last year in November. I got some great feedback from the Wordpress comunity and even made some money. The idea passed the validation test. Today, I am launching a new, improved version. I added more filters, rebranded the tool, and added blog. So far, we have 50 themes in the system, but more are being added right now. I'd love any feedback you have and sorry about the bugs :)
It's about time that someone launched a solution like this. I'm so fed up of hunting through ThemeForest, etc. (plus tons of blogs). Really appreciate you putting this together :)
@matthewbarby awesome, Matthew. Thanks for the comment :)
Looking good, will definitely try. Looking for WP themes is one of my least favorite things.
@kiddiarni same here :)