Enabling creators to find & use great music in their videos.

Thematic is a free peer-to-peer marketplace that empowers and enables creators to find and use great songs from real artists in their videos.

No claims. No takedowns. No worries. All the music is pre-cleared.

The fist 500 Hunters will get VIP access to the platform.

*Currently in VIP Beta*

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Hey Product Hunters! 👋 My name is Christopher, and I am the President and Chief Product Officer here at Thematic. We're thrilled to announce the ability to start using real music from awesome artists like Tessa Violet, Lostboycrow, Lauv, and Qveen Herby in your videos! We know firsthand how much time you waste looking for great music that you can actually use to help tell your stories and the issues you face with copyrights, claims, and takedowns when you FINALLY find the perfect song. Thematic isn't just a boring old music library either! We'll start to learn about your content and suggest music for your projects so that you don't have to search through old traditional slogs like BPM, Tempo, and Genre (though you can if you'd like to). How it works: 1⃣ Join by logging in with your YouTube channel 2⃣ Find a song that you love 3⃣ Use that song in your content and include the promotional link in your video description.* 👌 That's it! Easy-peasy! *Post to YouTube & Instagram. (Facebook coming soon) At Thematic, we value our community first and foremost and have built this with the community in mind Want to learn more about our values? Check out our medium post: We invite you to join the community! Ask us any questions! We're here for you! Best, Christopher
@hellothematic @rootchris Congrats on launching! Could you tell us more about how artists are compensated?
@abadesi Hello Abadesi! We’re focused on a value for value exchange. The platform is totally free for both the creators and the artists and is built to be a promotional tool for the artist, driving up their plays on all the other paid platforms. When an artist opts in music, it’s a non-exclusive license so they are still able to generate paid syncs elsewhere too. Let me know if you have any other questions.
We're going through a similar process in finding music for the Product Hunt podcast (rebooting soon!). How are you sourcing music and rights to distribute, @rootchris?
@rrhoover Hey Ryan! Firstly, thanks so much for having us! Second, consider us a source for your podcast. We source the music mostly through DSP partnerships, music marketing companies, label services companies, etc. We’ve also been getting a fair amount of organic reach where independent artists are finding us and submitting their music.
Highly recommend Thematic. I love what these guys are doing. The Los Angeles tech scene has another company to watch 😎
@gmoore131 Appreciate the love, Greg!

Can't wait until this company has been around for a few years and see what else they can add to the platform!


Great music, easy interface, game changer for creators.


Smaller library than some, but I'm assuming it will grow since it just went live this week.

Cool idea! Best of luck
@harrystrick Yo Harry! Appreciate the good vibes. Thanks for stopping by!