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Ria BlagburnHunter@riaface · Founder, GrowBeyond
I think this would be an especially useful tool for mid-sized teams, who perhaps don't dedicate the time they need to to ensuring there's a good system for feedback. I particularly like the dashboard and analytics!
Chris ShayanMaker@chrisshayan · Innovator
@riaface yeah that is the reason why we have created Lean Leadership model, is designed for mid-sized teams and startups. Let's disrupt the traditional leadership. Strive for GREAT leadership.
Chris ShayanMaker@chrisshayan · Innovator
I have been actively working and mentoring on Lean techniques in several sessions and channels in last few years. Lean basically is a process to eliminate "Muda", Japanese for waste. Elimination of "muda" is a pillar of the Toyota Production System (TPS), which has become the standard methodology for running a lean and efficient manufacturing operation. In my leadership approaches I have always tried to criticize myself and determine my bad leadership habits in order to eliminate the "Muda" in leadership; ultimately I can strive for great leadership which the journey ended up founding a tool that is focusing on Lean Leadership or "Kaizen". Read more
Tom Benattar@tombenattar · Co-founder @PixelMe
Really nice website Chris!! But I think your call to action for try is not enough visible
Chris ShayanMaker@chrisshayan · Innovator
@tombenattar thanks a lot. I'll improve it.
Tim Dorr@timdorr · Cofounder, SalesLoft
This seems neat, but is very light on the details. I see a *lot* of icons on the left side of that screenshot, so clearly you do a lot of things. But the fact you've got more icons in the screenshot than paragraphs of text or screenshots on the page doesn't shine a good light on things. A video, more screenshots, more descriptive text. You *need* those things.
Navin Kulkarni@navinkulkarni · Achieveee
@timdorr Just love of the admin theme being used. I think real screenshots would have worked better.
Chris ShayanMaker@chrisshayan · Innovator
@timdorr sure will work on it
Chris ShayanMaker@chrisshayan · Innovator
@navinkulkarni trying to upload but it's not working very well the upload feature
Atif Rafiq@atifatif · chief disrupter
The screen shots should focus more on what kind of feedback you get but this is really interesting. Every leader needs it in real-time
Chris ShayanMaker@chrisshayan · Innovator
@atifatif thanks I'll try to improve it more