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That's some nice work folks, congrats! Cool & effective way to find agencies websites and infos 👏 Just a few questions/suggestions if I may: - What does the vote feature stands for as long as you can upvote for agencies without signing up? - I get error messages when using the research bar looking for agencies in Africa or "Dubaï" for example. Maybe you should work on a more friendly error message. - I signed up but I didn't get how to find a job? You display agencies website and teams but then how actually would you help to get in touch with them?
@matthieudeluze Hi Matthieu, and thank you for the feedback! 🙂 About your questions and suggestions: - When we first started this side project we definitely wanted to go for a vote feature in order to add relevancy to the listing, but we didn’t have any « signing up » feature at that time. Which is why, up until now, anyone can vote without signing up. However, we know it's not the best solution, and we're planning to improve it. - We are currently working on v2.0 with the goal to make a place to connect agencies and people. But as of right now it's more of a catchy tagline that helps us find what people are looking for on the platform.
@quentinlepape Thanks for your answers 😺 Too bad because I think you have a lot more to do with this idea, it's actually great. But in my own opinion: - Votes aren't relavant if anyone can vote without signing up. As long as you want to connect agencies and people, you should focus on recruiting agencies first, and encouraging their team to sign up to vote can be a first step. - Now that I know it's only a catchy tagline, I found the "find a job" button really tricky as long as it doesn't redirect to any help. Keep up improving it guys 💪
Nice! Also a good place to find unusual and interesting website designs :D
Nice product. How long was the time for the development?
@marcelengelmann Thanks! This side project roughly took us 4 months for the development, aside from our studies.