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theBulletin is a bi-weekly newsletter where we breakdown the best news stories from Indian business and tech. Our readers love us because we explain things in a conversational tone that's enjoyable and easy to read. Join our troop of misfits and subscribe now!




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Imad AliMaker@imad_ali · Tinkering.
Thanks for the hunt Paras! Hello PHers! 👋 I’ve been a longtime user of the site so it’s an incredible feeling to finally have a product to share with y’all. My name is Imad and I’m the founder of theBulletin; a bi-weekly email newsletter where we break down the most interesting stories from Indian business and tech. We started The Bulletin with a simple premise - we wanted news that was more engaging and didn’t feel like a series of press releases. How do we do that? With a tone that is very conversational, witty and a healthy sprinkling of GIFs. (seriously, our GIF game is A+) But don’t just take my word for it, head over to our website and check out some of the past editions - we’ve covered topics ranging from India’s grocery wars to the Modi-Trump trade spat. Thanks again for checking out theBulletin - I’ll be here all day to answer your questions. Cheerio, Imad Ali
Biraj Ghosh@biraj · Building beautiful products
Love the minimal design..looks really fresh! just signed up for it :)
Imad AliMaker@imad_ali · Tinkering.
@biraj thanks Biraj and welcome to theBulletin!
Sophiya Faizal@sophiya_faizal · Executive director, KEF Living
Love the tone of the articles!
Imad AliMaker@imad_ali · Tinkering.
@sophiya_faizal thank you!
Rohith Raj@imerohith · Digital Marketer & Technology Enthusiast
The website and testimonials👌👌
Imad AliMaker@imad_ali · Tinkering.
@imerohith Haha, thanks! Any testimonial is incomplete without Michael Scott.
exactly what i've been looking for - quick tidbits of knowledge about the a variety of industries in India! THANK YOU IMAD AND ANUJ
Imad AliMaker@imad_ali · Tinkering.
@naintarav thanks nainu! please notify all of Canada about our launch :P