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Ian Mikutel
Ian Mikutel@ianmikutel · Sr. PM Lead, Ink & AI @ Microsoft.
Beautiful UI and great overall flow, except unfortunately at the end of the process the top 5-6 rates weren't hooked up to their checkout system, so I had to end up going to each individually and getting a new quote, which often didn't match up to what Zebra quoted. If they can do the deals to get the entire flow working as intended, I really enjoyed the process (which is something you never hear someone buying insurance say :) )
Reuben Metcalfe
Reuben Metcalfe@reubenmetcalfe · Growth geek, Serial upstart.
I used to work in the insurance game. Companies like this get acquired regularly... eventually one insurance company wises up and goes for the extra margin/market share... it happens in insurance more than other industries because the LTV's are so high. You're looking at somewhere between 10k-50k in margin over a lifetime sometimes, depending on the provider. Would be interesting to see how much social drives traffic to this rather than paid channels... either way, my gut says acquisition within 18 months.
Red Arrow
Red Arrow@crimson_cursor · Carmine archer
Oh, such services are really necessary and in great demand. After all, choosing auto insurance is an important question where it's better you don't make mistakes. Unfortunately, it's hard to find useful applications that would help with it.