The Yoke

A platform for renegade yoga instructors

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Bill Loundy
Co-founder, CEO Readup
I'm Bill Loundy, founder of The Yoke: We built this platform to help yoga teachers and students connect in new and interesting ways. Teachers can take greater control over their teaching (and earn better pay) and students now have a real alternative to "studio" yoga. Plus, classes are cheaper than what studios are able to offer. So everybody wins! We're still small, but focused on building a vibrant community and product. And we're having a blast dog-fooding everything on ourselves: Would love any/all thoughts and feedback. (And thanks, Sam, for posting!)
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Great Product! I have participated in various sports activities in my time.. Training and Sports Game scenarios specifically.. I used to practice yoga before and after games (on my own) to enhance performance.. Consider promoting your services to existing recreational sports leagues to get the teams together for pre/post game/training yoga sessions with a trainer! Examples of where this is applicable include.. Recreational Hockey/Football/Basketball/Baseball/Boxing/MMA/Cycling/CrossFit Leagues. I hope this was beneficial for you to read! Thanks, Jaswinder Brar