The X

Weekly puzzle-based scavenger hunt

The X is a weekly puzzle-based scavenger hunt. After 5 clues that take you all over the internet, you're given coordinates of a nearby address that you need to visit to complete the game.

A new game launches every week and players compete for prizes and a spot on the global leaderboard!

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Love this game! Been playing for the past few weeks. Stuck on the last level right now.
Excited to launch on PH! The X is a unique game that sends you searching all over the internet and then out in the real world. It’s been super exciting to see people from around the world playing the game and going to places in their local area (see in-app leaderboard for pictures). Prizes were just introduced into the app and the game changes each week. Let me know if you have any suggestions or feedback!
@nateb great app, I was wondering when I will be getting my reward :)
Great app! Tons of fun, if anyone wants to share referral codes for hints I’m down: HOLVECK
I’m stuck. Does everyone get the same puzzles? I really need some help lol