The World According to Kanye

Kanye West's wit and wisdom, in his own words

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Herbert Lui
Creative Director, Wonder Shuttle
Hey everyone! My friends and I wanted to create an eBook that would inspire people to take action and chase their dreams. We're all fans of Kanye West, and figured he was a great person who exemplified this. Despite how the media paints Kanye, he's remarkably inspiring, innovative, hardworking, insightful, and intelligent. Most celebrities and entertainers who personally know Kanye have nothing but nice things to say about him as a person. Even the most powerful folks, like Elon Musk, praise Kanye. At the end of the day, Kanye represents the voice inside us that pushes us to go beyond. To try and to be honest. Encouraging us to be hated for what we are rather than loved for what we aren’t. He’s far from perfect, but he doesn’t try to hide it. Even if you despise him, he is clearly--on a technical and marketing level at least--one of the most successful and advanced artists of our generation. Whether you're working on technology or art, you'll find inspiration and insights from Kanye's thoughts. This eBook features quotes from dozens of interviews and original illustrations, I'd love to hear your thoughts on this, particularly on flow and visual design (this is my first relatively design-centric project) or any other ways we can improve it.
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Dan MagidenkoPretty good at marketing
I think I'll love this book almost as much as Kanye loves Kanye