The Word Of The Day Is

A daily guessing game in Slack where you can win $1,000

A daily guessing game that goes down in Slack.
Whoever guesses the “word of the day” first wins $1,000.
Start guessing today!
Gabriel Whaley
Lukas Bentel
  • Pros: 

    I, along with many others, pretty much wasted the entire day yesterday playing.


    This game is very very hard. Yet we all keep playing for some reason.

    Full disclosure: I work at the company that put this out. That said! We designed this to hopefully feels like old internet. Where you connect with random strangers in a way that is oddly wholesome and gratifying.

    Gabriel Whaley has used this product for one day.
We at MSCHF Internet Studios are pumped to be sharing this product with you. You might have seen some of our work before like Times Newer Roman, Away Mode, and Burrito Time. Today, we are publically launching a new game via Slack called The Word Of The Day Is. All you have to do is join the channel, guess words, and if you guess the word of the day, you win $1,000. It's that simple. In the last few days, we have garnered players from offices like Apple, Firefox, BuzzFeed, Clarifai, Snapchat, The Daily Beast, Genius, Vayner Media, and more! @rosen and I will be online all day to answer your questions. Get guessing today!
honestly this is just some good old dumb internet fun
@juanbuis thanks man
this is good internet right here
@pugson we like to think soo too :)
yesterday's game was WILD