The Wolf Den - 90: Ryan Hoover of Product Hunt

Ryan joins Adam Sachs to talk about the podcast industry

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Alex Carter
Alex Carter@alexcartaz · Operations @ 60dB. Ex-PH Podcasts 😻
The Wolf Den is now one of my "must listen to every episode" podcasts. Great for keeping a pulse on the podcast meta. @jsneedles here's another one of the Hoover collection =)
Kevin Kliman
Kevin KlimanHunter@kkliman · Founder @gethumi.
So many good insights from @arsachs conversations, and before that the original company founder in the early episodes. Every episode has great takeaways about the industry.
Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverMakerPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Thanks for having me, @arsachs. We talked a bit about podcast discovery and opportunity to grow communities around podcasts. I'm curious to hear from others. Where do you discover new podcasts? Do you share them on Twitter, FB, or more niche podcast-focused forums?
Adam Sachs
Adam SachsMaker@arsachs · CEO, Midroll Media
It was really fun to have @rrhoover on. I'm excited about the effect that Product Hunt can have on building and engaging podcast fan communities. @kkliman @alexcartaz I really appreciate the support. Also, feedback is welcome!