The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Visually stunning RPG full of meaningful choices/consequence

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This game is, by far, the best I've played this year. If you haven't picked it up yet--do it this weekend! The world, characters, and quests are so-well thought out. Seeing some of the consequences of my actions have literally stopped me in my tracks... "Did I... oops, I shouldn't have done that. Wonder what happens now..." Given the effort I've seen across the board, beginning with opening the PS4 box, you can tell that the developers care deeply about this franchise and the players. You'll have fun with this one for a while.
The Witcher is pretty much Game of Thrones as a role playing game. Sex scenes and all. Great lore and easily dozens of hours of gameplay.
I've been debating getting it - everyone raves about it.
I picked up the Witcher 3 after having no previous experience with the franchise. The hype for The Wild Hunt was too strong and I had watched a few play-through videos which had gotten me too excited to hold off. What can I say? Well, this game is fantastic in every sense of the word. I am someone who has never been hooked by the Elder Scroll games or games such as Mass Effect. I couldn't find the motivation to explore the various stories throughout the world & side quest scattered about. They didn't seem deep enough to really challenge my decision making or reward me other than some cool questlines to become part of a guild or something. So I always would play a friends copy or just watch a video. The Witcher is different. I feel like every decision I make is not only difficult but leads to another hard decision as the world truly reacts. It's like there are these tiny universes woven into every side quest and they keep pulling me away from the main quest-line that I have naturally followed-through in all other games. I'll get back to the main quest soon, for sure, but it's been such a delight tracking down barbaric creatures in the wild or breaking up fist-fights for some bar-maids in a town. What I wish the game did better was inventory management and combat. I have so many things in my bags and can't store them anymore and whilst in a fight, I have to pause- grab a potion, unpause, drink it, pause and grab food, unpause and eat. I know reading that even seemed tedious so you can see where I'm coming from. Anyways, I give Witcher a 9 | 10 on my scale. I'm also streaming regularly at night at if you'd like to see some gameplay
@wesmagness Well said. This is my first dip into this franchise as well. I'm a big fan now! Really makes me wonder how the other games were... +1 on the inventory management... I do what I can to stay away from that. I try to keep things I *really* need from the quick access menu (where you change signs). I really only go into the inventory to oil up for an encounter & make adjustments to that quick access menu.
@xmcgraw Going into the Alchemy skill tree has made it hard to resist picking up everything and not knowing when or if I'll ever get rid of it- at least in the beginning, haha. Are you playing on PC or console? I've heard a lot of gripes about the graphics and minor glitches on the console version.
@wesmagness That's true! They've definitely filled up the world with plenty of junk to pick up. At this point I grab all the things! Especially given that it seems insanely easy to run out of coin. I'm running the PS4 version and have been keeping up with the updates as they release. No annoyances stick out in my mind.
@wesmagness Have you found new saddlebags? I think I'm at 180lbs of weight, and alchemy collection won't ever hold me back!
@iamunr I have not! That definitely would calm me down a bit haha
it's funny how people were complaining about downgraded graphics just prior to the launch. It's by far the most astonishing game on this set of current consoles. Things like the dynamic weather system just breathes so much life into the world and the somewhat adult themes just makes it feel grounded. Would definitely recommend it to anyone.