The White List

Twitter and SoundCloud powered Product Hunt for music

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Rob RonaldsonFounder @thewhitelister/
Hi Guys, i'm the founder of The White List. We track the biggest producers, A&Rs, DJs etc. across Twitter and SoundCloud, to track what artists they're following, sharing, liking and listening to. The artists that get the most traction from the people we track get featured on the White List. We also track investors to see which startups get the most traction in that community. We're focused on music now, but you can still see the startups we track on the about page. Feel free to ask me any questions about the product!
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Tom Masiero
GM of LaunchBit
Would love to get @RobW_R in here to jump in and answer some questions. ProTip: The White list twitter account has been my source for a ton of Products that I have hunted!
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