The WeGraphics Co-op

Download and share premium graphic design 🎨

The WeGraphics co-op is a community for designers to download and share high-quality graphic design resources. Our collection includes fonts, icons, textures, templates, and more — many available for free and some available only by becoming a member. Join for $20/yr or for free by sharing your own designs with the community.

Hi Product Hunt! I've got an interesting one here and I would absolutely love to hear your feedback. WeGraphics is a newly re-imagined and somewhat experimental design sharing community — a site where professional designers can share assets with each other for very-low or no cost using licensing terms that are specific to sharing, re-mixing, and reasonable re-sale. Many of our assets are free for anyone; but most of them are available for free only if you share your own assets in return. We also offer a paid membership option of $20/yr for non-designers (or designers who would prefer not to share) and use that income to commission exclusive assets that are offered back to the co-op with a generous license. We've already got thousands of items up for download and we're adding more every day. Here are some sample items: Our response so far has been extremely positive but we know we have a long way to go. Let us know what you think and how we can improve!