The Weekr

Prioritise your daily tasks and improve productivity

British scientists have proven that as a human being, we only can focus on maximum 7(±2) factors, which need our attention and constant control. Everything, what goes beyond will be perceived as a thread and our brain will block all thinking.

The Weekr helps you to pick most important tasks for upcoming day and stay always focused.

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Hey Product Hunt! 🎉🎉🎉 I've built this web-app to solve my own problem of dealing with day-to-day tasks. Then I realised, if it helps me, maybe it can help someone else - that is why I am here. There is no need for registration, since it uses your browser database. For the best experience it is advised to use desktop, however feel free to check it on mobile devises as well. You can check the case study for my approach on my Medium blog:
🇺🇦Ukrainian maker @delta7vs worked hard on this productivity tool! It's a really smart way of dealing with recurring tasks Congrats on your first launch!
@tchret Thanks Thomas for your support! :)
Nice!! Like how it's all self encapsulating, all local. Any plans for adding push notifications or integration to my calendar?
@mouradk_ Thanks for the feedback:) My next priority will be building native mobile applications, however after that push notifications and calendar integrations will be added for sure!
Neat take! Won't work properly for me on Firefox. Clicking the bullets doesn't do anything for example
@zee Thanks a lot for the feedback, just pushed fixed for that issue, now should everything work on Firefox as well, feel free to try:)
Simple and powerful tool, nice work 👏