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I created this ebook to show you how I design a sample website project step-by-step, while explaining my every move and backing it all up with a solid design theory on the three fundamental ingredients of a good design: typography, colors, and layout. Thanks to the hands-on tutorial, you can start putting your new skills to work right away and learn by working on your own project at the same time. You’ll end the ebook with a complete project that you designed yourself. You can join my email newsletter and register to the Designers Area on my website where you can get a free ebook sample, hand-drawn vector icon set and five web design tools I use for my projects every day. http://rafaltomal.com/essential-...
@rafaltomal Congrats on launching the book! I always love to see such well-designed books and sales pages.
@nathanbarry Thanks Nathan! Your Authority book was very helpful and inspiring.
This looks amazing! Well designed sales page too.
@pjrvs Thanks Paul! I always liked how clean and simple your Creative Class page was.