With Covid-19 rampant, chances are that you are working from home. The WaterCooler Slack bot helps making the remote workplace feel welcoming and more social. It's a low ceremony way of getting to know your co-workers better.
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Hi folks! I built the WaterCooler bot for my own distributed team a couple years ago and have now made it available to you too! Working remotely can get a bit lonely. Doesn't matter if you work remote full-time or have been forced into it because of Covid-19. The end-result is the same. The types of chance encounters one would have in a physical office just don't happen. While there might be some banter in some #random channel, it is far from the same as getting to know your coworkers personally. In my experience, when you actually know someone, it becomes significantly easier to work together with them. You better understand why they might be grumpy or seem down, and can take part in celebrating their successes! It has been a great success in my own company. It is remarkable how much more efficient everyday work communication becomes when you grock how your colleagues tick! The WaterCooler tries to facilitate the types of social interactions one often takes for granted when in a team collocated in a physical space. By design I have tried to keep it simple, focused, and low ceremony. Give it a shot! I would love to hear your feedback!