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Malia Probst
Malia ProbstMaker@themalia · Virtual reality producer/connector/host
This week’s topics: Samsung’s big announcements build up an end-to-end consumer VR solution; Oculus quietly removes their Digital Rights Management tool that blocked non-Oculus users' access to Oculus content; Oculus gets patent for new method of virtual movement; ZED clip-on camera claims to bring positional tracking to smartphone-powered virtual reality; Cryworks gets funding; Rothenberg Ventures’ River Studios expands to Los Angeles; new ~$5M Russian fund VRTech focuses on business efficiency projects; Cedars-Sinai Hospital partners with AppliedVR for therapeutic virtual reality content. Subscribe to our podcast on iTunes: http://bit.ly/iTunesVRScout or on Stitcher: http://bit.ly/VRSstitcher Join us: http://vrscout.com/