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Social and marketing data visualization.

#5 Product of the DayMarch 10, 2018

Vizia is a data visualization platform designed to bring social and marketing insights to life. It enable teams around the world to respond quicker when they need to most, be more customer-centric and prove the value of their work. A central distribution hub means insights can be shared seamlessly across the organization.

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Don't want to commit time to a demo before I know the pricing.


Slick marketing


No pricing or demos

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Have to agree with this guy. Product Hunters actually enjoy trying before buying. A guided "personalized" demo gets in the way of how secure self-inform.
Those are some beautiful visualizations. The American Airlines pic is quite powerful. How is data pushed into Brandwatch?
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@pupeno Hey! Thank you. Brandwatch Analytics crawls over 90 million online data sources making it the leading platform in social listening. But in Vizia you can also integrate a number of different social & marketing data sources ( Salesforce, Google Analytics, Google Sheets and Slides, Buzzsumo, Hootsuite Impact...). We want people to give marketers a place to visual all of their integral data.
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@emmashan100 wow, that's impressive.
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Very pretty pictures, but demo-wall is a no go. I need either pricing info or a free trial before a demo is worth my time. Your current gate to the product is either an opaque email-collection tactic or entirely insensitive to my busy schedule.
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@brendonwbrown Exactly. You summed it up pretty well.
Nice pretty pictures but needs an online demo.
@pointandstare Hey, thanks for the feedback. We like to personalize the demos as much as possible to the person's industry/ brand. Happy to get something set up if you're interested.
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Is there an API? I want to take some data I have in a db and pipe it to a dashboard using these visuals.
@joshvoydik Hey Joshua, we have a javascript development framework that allows you to build custom integrations into the platform. If you data works from an API then this is easily done. I can email you more detailed info if you've interested.
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