The Visualization Universe

Catalog of all chart types and tools to build them

All chart types and tools in a single visualization ranked by popularity and rise in popularity. This catalogue explains the meaning of each chart and the tools that make them. You can use it to look up their meaning when you visualize your data or stories.

Search interest data is updated daily.

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Hi Everyone! We created this project to gather all types of visualization in one place together with the tools the make them and the books that describe them. The visualization universe is updated every day reflecting the changes in search interest for the visualization types. We hope you can use this resource when you decide which type of graph is best for your data or story. We will be adding new tools and books and hope you can suggest the important ones we may have missed.
Very nice, love the design. A couple of things though: 1. You mention it tells you the tools needed to make each chart - I couldn’t see that anywhere. 2. Would also be great to have links to well implemented examples for each chart type.
@mrbrettromero Yep, I agree. I gave examples of charts this in another article here Right now we just list the tools that make these charts.
@mrbrettromero each chart have a link to wikipedia page, where you can see more examples and even tools for some graphs There is another great project, Data Visualization Catalogue, where you will see examples for each chart:, it's not dynamic though (you can't sort by popularity).
The book list seems to be english only this is probably not be design but Germany and Japan in general tends to have strong data viz communities so it seems strange to have no books from there on the list, but maybe that’s because Google’s data was English only
@elena_iak Yes, I found that out because I just recently visited Japan and I'm in Germany now. The design community is strong here as far as practitioners but I have not found books that I was not yet aware of. One deference might be that in Germany for example data viz professors are almost exclusively in the computer science department so they tend to be more technical than say in the US where you find professors who have journalism background or design background. But of course not all books are written by professors.

As a product manager, I’m always in need for visualization and story telling. This is a great reference for me to help me evaluate which chart is best for delivering the story of the data.


Thorough reference of visualization charts


I wish there were more examples of each chart types

Hi Daniel, when I think about attaching examples to each chart we'd either have to come up with objective criteria on which charts are the best representatives of each type or subjective criteria on what charts we think are best. And each chart would have at least three dimensions: the accuracy of representing data, the visualness of the design, and the effectiveness of the storytelling. And since these three aspects are the foundation of information design, we could find the best chart for each.
We thought about examples, would require some more effort to do it right. For now the best alternative with examples, but without rating is:
Hi, It's been our big challenge to fairly assemble a lit of chart types and tools to build them without leaving out important ones, but there still tools out there may deserve to be on this list. Please suggest what ever tool you know, even if you are not sure that it should be on this list by popularity. @razkarmi thank you for hunting us :)