The Violet Society Fellowships

Career mentorship & community for female & nb techies πŸ’œβœ¨

The Violet Society peer mentorship Fellowships are back and we've expanded to new audiences ✨
Applications are open now for our 3 unique 10-week Fall programs for:
- Early-stage & aspiring Startup Founders
- Ambitious Product Managers
- Talented Engineers
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Hi everyone! πŸ‘‹πŸ½ My name is Shriya and I'm the Founder & CEO of The Violet Society. Last year, we launched on Product Hunt with our pilot Startup Founders Fellowship program. Today, I'm excited to share that our 3rd and 4th fellowships are wrapping up this week & applications are open now for three more fellowships that we're running in the fall. I've mentored peers in technology for the past 6 years, helping them find jobs, refine their skills, select challenging goals for themselves, and raise the ceiling of what they believe they can do. When I hit the limit of what I felt I could give, that's when I started to build communities that would help one another. We have 3 programs for different audiences: - A startup founder fellowship for early-stage or aspiring founders from any background or role - A product manager for PMs who are looking to rise up the ranks or transition into a role like startup founder or VC - An engineer fellowship for software engineers from any specialty (frontend, backend, mobile, devrel, etc.) who are deciding if they should be an IC, eng manager, technical founder, or something else. We meet once a week for 10 weeks in-person, and each fellowship only has 10-14 members. Apply now to join the sisterhood ✨ Say hello to us in-person to learn more about the program & meet alums at: - Our Summer PM Fellowship Celebration this Wednesday: - Our Summer Founder Fellowship Showcase this Friday:
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I attended one of the Violet Society showcases in SF last year and was really impressed by the ambition and energy in the room. How does the selection process for the programs work @shriyanevatia?
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@abadesi Thanks Abadesi! So glad you got to come to our first showcase & thank you for always asking thoughtful questions πŸ™ŒπŸ½ This cohort, we're making it a 2-round interview process: 1) Applicants fill out a written application, where we seek to assess if applicants fit our three core values -- Integrity, Generosity, Ambition: --> Founder App - https://thevioletsociety.typefor... --> Engineer App - https://thevioletsociety.typefor... --> PM App - https://thevioletsociety.typefor... 2) We'll schedule a short video call interview with finalists before accepting the final cohort of only 10-14 people.
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Amazing work @shriyanevatia!! So exciting to see how quickly Violet Society is growing. I look forward to all of our continued collaborations, and to watch this community flourish. Congrats!
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@brandon_taleisnik Thanks so much, Brandon! It's been great to work with On Deck so far & looking forward to continuing to help more and more talented people πŸ™ŒπŸ½
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@shriyanevatia is a force of nature! It's so wonderful to see Violet Society grow. It feels like yesterday we were sitting at Philz and she was sharing her plans for the Product Manager fellowship. Now she's launching an engineering fellowship and new batches for PMs and founders. Amazing! It was abundantly clear from the last Violet founder showcase I attended that this community fills a much-needed void for women and nb folks in tech. Shriya and Violet inspire us at @beondeck and we're excited for future collaborations!
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@beondeck @julianweisser Thank you so much, Julian! It's been awesome to work together & have your support. You rock!!
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As a non-binary person in tech, it's amazing to finally see a community where I belong.
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@nikkielizdemere πŸ™ŒπŸ½
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