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The Vegan Filter is a Chrome browser extension that automatically sets vegan filters for you, taking the hassle out of vegan shopping on grocery, fashion and cosmetics sites.
✅ No signup required - just 3 clicks to install
  • Pros: 

    Fantastic time saver! Intuitive and just what is required in this hyper-customised world!


    None at all!

    This product is geared towards vegans, yes but this is also great for those non-vegans (like me) who have friends and family who are vegans! Using this extension when purchasing ingredients for that party means we will never go wrong! This extension for me equals a massive satisfying "sigh"!

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  • Christian Eckstein
    Christian EcksteinBanker and Angel Investor

    Super easy to install very intuitive. Tried it with my colleagues during lunch break and everyone liked it (especially my vegan boss!)


    None we could spot

    Hopefully just the first of many filters - there’s a gazillion of applications out there!

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IsabellaMaker@isabellaaberle · Loves products people love ❤️🤖
Hi Product Hunt, First off, thanks @bramk for hunting The Vegan Filter! I’m Isabella, founder of Xarista, and tech girl behind The Vegan Filter. We help people find faster what they are looking for when shopping online. Here’s the problem we had, and a first cut of a solution we thought of. Problem When I go to a shopping site, it takes time and effort to find what I’m REALLY looking for. I set filters manually to narrow down the product range to my needs and wants. E.g. that I look for VEGAN products. I do this over and over again, on various sites - and hope that over time these sites get smarter. 😩 If I could say once that I look for VEGAN products – this would take a good amount of clicking and searching away. It’s a pretty consistent requirement and plays into a lot of what I buy (groceries, fashion, beauty,…). Solution Have ✅VEGAN filters set for me when I browse. And that’s when The Vegan Filter was born. It sets vegan filters: - Across sites – when the extension is switched on, it stays on - In a transparent way – there is an on-screen note that The Vegan Filter is active on a site and when filters are set - It works regardless of whether I’m logged in or logged out on the shopping site It helps me to: ✅ Find vegan products faster ✅ Have confidence in new products I come across ✅ Cut out the noise of tempting other products :D It takes 3 clicks to be up and running. No signup required. Status The Vegan Filter currently works on an initial set of UK shopping sites. We were keen to get this first version out for feedback as soon as possible, and build from there. Thanks for your thoughts on The Vegan Filter! 🙏 Any questions, please ask.
Jit Salunke
Jit Salunke@jitsalunke · Get Guaranteed Press for Your Startup!
@isabellaaberle The Vegan Filter looks neat. Definitely helps to have a button at your fingertip instead of having to figure out where the filter is.
IsabellaMaker@isabellaaberle · Loves products people love ❤️🤖
@jitsalunke Couldn't agree more - but hey, I might be biased. ;) Worth noting that you don't even need to switch the filter on per site. If it's on, it stays on across sites (if the sites are supported).
Vinay Hiremath
Vinay HiremathHiring@vhmth · Founder & Head of Engineering @ Loom
Thank you for this Isabella! When do you think there will be Amazon support?!
IsabellaMaker@isabellaaberle · Loves products people love ❤️🤖
@vhmth Hi Vinay- like your thinking! :) We're very much user-led. Surprisingly, Amazon didn't come up that often when speaking to prospective users. However, that might well change as the product is now live and hence more tangible. In the current version users have the option to vote for sites to be supported next. Will be exciting to see which sites get most votes.
Rishi Tank
Rishi Tank@rishi_tank
Great product so far! It allows me to quickly gain access to all my vegan needs on the supported shopping websites, without having to manually search for "vegan" or do a deep dive of the website which can be hit or miss. I like the idea of it being available for chrome since most people use this, but for those who don't are there plans for expanding to other browsers? Also as mentioned in the reviews, this would also be a good idea for expanding to other subcategories of veganism in the future, such as vegan keto, or even whole food plant based, raw vegan etc.
IsabellaMaker@isabellaaberle · Loves products people love ❤️🤖
@rishi_tank Hi Rishi! Glad to hear you find The Vegan Filter useful. :) Yes, definitely, on both of your points - the version launched today is just a starting point, and a blue print for other browsers. I really like the idea to 'tune in' on subcategories of veganism. I think this can be very helpful also for transitioning vegans. A filter that can be set differently over time and adapts with the vegan journey.
Hey Isabella, great idea! Does it only work on sites that currently have ‘vegan’ filtering? And do you plan on extending it to other ingredient related issues like allergic substances?
IsabellaMaker@isabellaaberle · Loves products people love ❤️🤖
@damebo Spot on– the current version makes use of the existing filters and sets them automatically / redirects users to the related vegan sub-pages.
IsabellaMaker@isabellaaberle · Loves products people love ❤️🤖
@damebo We started looking into how to go about sites with currently no vegan filters though. But yeah, that’s for a future iteration. Bear with us :)
Got it. For what it’s worth I think the add-on is useful already now. Lots of retailers I shop on have vegan filters crammed in somewhere but finding them can be a pain...
IsabellaMaker@isabellaaberle · Loves products people love ❤️🤖
@damebo Re allergies: That's actually one of my favourites for the next iterations. Would love to have it up and running already today.... E.g. vegan + gluten-free. Is there a specific allergy / allergic substance you had in mind?
Nah, nothing special, just in general. Could be useful to many people, even with non-food products.
Tristan Pollock
Tristan PollockHiring@writerpollock · Venture Partner at 500 Startups
Check this out @danyelle_ludwig !