The Valentine Coin

Engrave your love forever in the blockchain.

The Valentine Coin is an unique coin based on the Ethereum blockchain. You can engrave it with an unique message that will be sent and preserved forever in the blockchain. It is the geek equivalent of love padlocks on bridges, except the blockchain technology makes their message persist forever and nobody can ever remove it.

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Haha guys this is awesome! :)
Thanks for hunting @joshleaves @smarnot I've enjoyed seeing Valentine's Day projects using Blockchain posted in the community, please tell us more about the story behind The Valentine Coin 🙂
Hey @abadesi, Many thanks for you interest 🙂 TheValentineCoin is a project born and made in Paris 🙂 We were working on blockchain projects, but wanted to use our knowledge for some special projects. We only wanted to introduce the blockchain from an unexpected view: Entertainment. We choose Valentine’s day because of the shared roots: Uniqueness, eternity, and the security involved in each love story. TheValentineCoin is not the traditional crypto project: we won’t make you rich, we won’t develop a superheavy tech project based on the blockchain,... but we will spread Your Love story forever ❤️🙂
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The how it works link to page is not working :P
Hi @_soldier, We were rewriting its contents, here it is now: