Group related links into lists that you can manage, edit and share. Select a vanity url or we'll generate one for you.
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Absolutely love this, such a great way to curate content! Any plans to include analytics for the curator?
@lachlankirkwood Yes! We are starting a roadmap for v2 and this is likely going to be on the list. Thanks for the kind words!
We built this product after becoming frustrated that there wasn't an easy way to share the resources that we were giving people at the end of our talks. We wanted one simple URL people could remember instead of them having to take a picture of a slide with their phone.
Very simple interface, I like it
@sharonmathews22 Thank you! That's our designer @m_silm.
I effing love this. Smoothly executed. Only suggestion I have is for URL, maybe have a tooltip to make clear that’s for the user to input a string of their choosing to label the sites they’ve just grouped. Again, this is terrific. What are the plans after beta?
@theclaw33 Thanks, Lindsay! Good suggestion on the user interface. I think I can go ahead and deploy that one. Post beta plans - analytics, editable titles, descriptions in links, other social providers for login
Now I can share my links by one url, great job!