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Mikael Cho
Mikael ChoMaker@mikaelcho · Creator of Unsplash
Hey everyone. This is Mikael, founder of Unsplash ( Over the last year, we have been making a book. We underestimated the crap out of what this would take. We’d built websites before. We’d written blog posts before. And we’ve started and are scaling a business. But man, doing a print book is a whole ‘nother world of crazy. After months and months of writing, editing, designing, and hair-pulling, we’re super excited with where we’re at. The book is almost done and it just went live on Kickstarter today: The Unsplash Book will be a 250-page collection of inspiring photography accompanied by original art pieces and essays from 100+ writers, photographers, and illustrators including Lawrence Lessig (Founder of Creative Commons & 2016 Presidential Candidate), Jeffrey Zeldman (Founder of A List Apart & the Godfather of web design), Dann Petty (Award-winning designer and founder of the Epicurrence conference), and Tobias van Schneider (Net awards 2015 Designer of the Year). We're making this book because we wanted to find a way to thank the photographers in the Unsplash community for generously offering up photos for all of us to use without expecting anything in return for over two and a half years. Unsplash started as a $19 blog with 10 photos and has since grown into a community of over 8,000 photographers who have submitted 30,000 photos that have been downloaded 50 million+ times. For everyone of you who may have submitted a photo or supported a photographer, I am so grateful. Every day I am amazed and overwhelmed by the beauty you introduce me to. With Unsplash, we've seen not everything needs to be driven by money. There can be a bigger purpose behind our creations and why we create. To keep Unsplash free, ad-free, and pleasurable to use, we’ve invested hundreds of thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours a month to continually create a better experience for you. If you enjoy what we’re doing and have benefitted from Unsplash over the past few years, it would mean the world to us if you helped support this project. Even if it's in a small way. We’ve got a big funding goal we’re aiming for because after we cover the cost of the book, we’re splitting the profits with the book contributors, making this the first 'fully' open source book in terms of its creation and compensation. We could use all the help we can get so any extra support for the campaign would mean a lot. Thanks a lot for reading this, Mikael
Ben Tossell@bentossell · newCo
@mikaelcho Sounds awesome! I'm in a similar book with a friend of mine re: kickstarter to fund a book (which will be ready v soon) What did you learn through this/are learning that you would do differently if you could?
Mikael Cho
Mikael ChoMaker@mikaelcho · Creator of Unsplash
@bentossell Thanks so much Ben! Oh man, there's a ton we've learned and are still learning. I'm hoping to write a post soon and will share. To sum it up, set a crazy deadline. And don't change it. We were working on this book heavily part-time and it just kept slipping for months. It wasn't until about a month ago that we said November 18th. That's it. We worked backwards from that date to lineup what we needed to do. I'll share the Trello board once we clean it up. It's a hot mess right now! There's so many things you can do when you're writing a book and lining up a kickstarter campaign. A tight deadline makes all the must-haves and nice-to-haves become so clear. That deadline was the single best thing we did for this book.
Stephen Radford
Stephen Radford@steve228uk · Founder, Cocoon
Love Unsplash and love the concept of this book! Just wish that shippin' wasn't so high!
Ben Tossell@bentossell · newCo
@dylanfeltus come and join us in here ;)
Dylan Feltus
Dylan FeltusPro@dylanfeltus · Designer @ConvertKit
@bentossell lol totally realized this right after I hunted it! We need an "Unhunt" button... Anyways, stoked about this book like everything else Crew + Unsplash releases!